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Cash for Trash

Saturday 11 May 2013

**CARDBOARD CAN NOW BE COLLECTED AT PORT AND SOUTH HEDLAND SHOPS. RINSED, LIDLESS PLASTIC BOTTLES NOW ABLE TO BE RECYCLED AT ALL SITES** The highly successful ‘Cash for Trash’ program promotes the recycling of cardboard, glass bottles, plastic bottles and aluminium cans for a small reimbursement (10c for a glass bottle and $2 for a bag of cans – no payment for plastic and cardboard).  Cash for Trash is a monthly event and requires volunteers to assist in counting of bottles and the smooth-running of the operation.  There can never be too many volunteers to help out so if you would like to participate please email Everyone is encouraged to bring their bottles and cans to be recycled at The Boulevard Port Hedland, South Hedland Shops, Shay Gap Park and the landfill at South Hedland on the second Saturday of every month between 9-11am.