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School Holiday Activity Descriptions

Wednesday 9 January 2013


Turtle Hatchling Viewing and beach appreciation

Become a trained hatchling tracker! Learn how to identify tracks and look for emerging hatchlings whilst learning about how to care for our local beach.


Reef Walk

Learn about what can be found at Cemetery Beach with a walk across our amazing rocky reef! All participants must wear closed in shoes and children are to be accompanied by carer or parent. Open to all ages.


Winged Things

Why are some bird’s beaks pointy and others very long? What better place to spot a variety of our feathery friends then from right on our doorstep, on Cemetery Beach! Search for feathers, use binoculars to get a close peak and learn about the variety of birds which can be found here.


Be a Marine Biologist for the Afternoon!

Come along and learn some important marine biologist skills such as species identification, scientific sketching and sampling  whilst observing animal behaviours, habitats and adaptations. An opportunity to explore our fascinating aquatic environment!


Photo taking workshop for Coastal Photo Competition

A great opportunity for the older kids to get some photo taking tips  whilst taking some cool shots  for our Coastal Photo Competition.


Coastal flower adventure on the Spoil Bank

Take a trip out onto the Spoil Banks with us to discover the vegetation and flowers which can be found there. Learn how to identify the natives from the invasive weeds!


Hermit Crab Mania!

Explore the edge of the Cemetery Beach reef and see how many hermit crabs you can find! Have you ever thought about what they eat or what they look like inside their shell? Lets take a closer look!


Snappers, Stingers and Stabbers!

Shells that strike! Jellies that sting! Discover some of the amazing shock tactics of some of Australia’s deadly cool animals. Learn about their serious spikes and some of the ambush techniques used to survive in a marine environment.