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Starting your Pilbara Patch

Saturday 12 May 2012

Starting your Pilbara Patch – Saturday 12th May, 9am at The RedRock Nursery: Care for Hedland’s Garden Club are presenting their first workshop of the year – ‘Starting your Pilbara Patch’ in collaboration with RedRock Nursery (under new management). The guys out at RedRock will be talking participants through how to prepare their soil to make it as productive as possible and showing us their nicely prepared patch. They will then talk through the different types of fruits and vegetables that will thrive in Port Hedland, as well as the principles of companion planting. Finally, participants will be getting their hands dirty and helping RedRock to plant their veggie patch! RedRock will be ending the workshop with a delicious spit roast to thank everyone for their work! The workshop will run for around 2-2.5 hours, please contact, the event is free but bookings are essential.

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