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The Great Northern Clean Up

Saturday 22 September 2012

On Saturday 22nd September Care for Hedland in association with BHP Billiton Iron Ore, Town of Port Hedland and the Port Hedland Port Authority will be conducting the Great Northern Clean Up. The event will run from 9-11am and will start at Marrapikurinya Park, there will also be a free BBQ afterwards. The clean-up will target the harbour foreshore and West End. As a local business in this area we would really appreciate your involvement in this very worthwhile event.


Every day 3,500,000 pieces of plastic enter our waterways worldwide. This plastic can end up being digested by many different marine animals – turtles, shorebirds, fish, whales, even plankton! This plastic can have devastating effects on these animals and in most cases leads to its death. However there is more to the story, when plastic enters the marine environment and floats around in the ocean for literally decades it acts like a little magnet or sponge and takes all the contaminates that are in the ocean environment that are really diluted in the ocean water and it concentrates it up, onto the surface. Plastic itself has up to a thousand times  higher concentration of containments on its surface than the surrounding seawater from which it came. And when the animal, whether it's a turtle, seabird or fish takes that into their body those contaminants leach out into the blood stream and is incorporated into the tissues. As one predator eats another the contaminates biomagnify. This means the most vulnerable animal to the effects of toxic plastic contamination is the one at the very top of the food chain, us. If you eat seafood in any fashion whatsoever the plastic pollution and corresponding contaminate problem has relevance to you.


Help to combat this environmental disaster by participating in our clean-up event. You can register on the Clean Up Australia Day website, simply search for Port Hedland Foreshore. Alternatively you can just turn up on the day and register with the event supervisor. If you cannot make it on the day you can also sponsor the event in the form of a financial contribution to the Clean Up Australia Day foundation.


I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible on Saturday 22nd September!