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Hedland Community Gardens

The Pony Club Community Garden in Pretty Pool is currently being refurbished for the 2015 gardening season. The Hedland Garden Club meets at the garden each Thursday afternoon at 4:30pm to 6:00pm to propagate and plant seedlings. If you would like to grow your own crop though but don't have the space at home, garden plots can be rented for $250 for the rest of the year.

South Hedlandites - Care For Hedland is currently in discussions with Landcorp and the Town of Port Hedland about establishing a second community garden in South Hedland. It's happening and we're really close to making an announcement and getting the ball rolling. Watch this space...





Garden Events

Come down to the Pony Club Community Garden and watch as the sun goes down while you enjoy some afternoon tea and a drink. Get your hands dirty by helping out or just share your tips and questions about all t...

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Digital Grow Room

April saw plenty of aching muscles and sweaty brows as we weeded the site, moved tones of horse manure, stacks of grass clippings, mulched the soil, gathered materials and began to sow seed. Our site is over 500m square;

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