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Saving the Turtles of Port Hedland Documentary

In 2014, Care for Hedland and Brains Design bumped heads and produced the documentary Saving the Turtles of Port Hedland.

The documentary has been well received by the Hedland community and has been available for purchase at market stalls and the Port Hedland Visitor Centre since August 2014.

The documentary follows the journey of the local community who have rallied together, determined to protect the nationally protected turtle species in the face of ongoing threats such at development and habitat disruption.

Care Hor Hedland's turtle monitoring program is in its eleventh season and utilizes local and visiting volunteers to collect scientific data and educate the public on responsible behavior during the nesting season which runs from late October to March every year.

Copies of the full documentary are available for purchase through
 itunes here:   
 vimeo: for Rent at $2.77 or purchase at $6.93
or the online Shop.
In the meantime, you can see the trailer by clicking here.